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Pause Design Studio was based in Sheffield since 2017 and now moved in Shanghai, China. I offer graphic design service and products, illustration, branding, and space design. I integrate Eastern Zen and Western minimalism into the design philosophy. My creative studio making the unique and multicultural work for the clients. If you are interested to bring a new face of your business, please contact me. 
Pause Design Studio自2017年起创建于谢菲尔德,现在移居中国上海。 我提供平面设计服务和产品,插图,品牌和空间设计。 我将东方禅宗和西方极简主义融入我的设计理念中,为客户提供独特的多元文化服务。 如果您有兴趣为您的业务带来新的面貌,请与我联系