Personal Project - Packaging Design for galleries/art shops - 2016


In modern society, There are plenty of luxury packages for other merchandise — perfume, cosmetics, liquor, and other luxury merchandise, but a limited amount for art and culture merchandise. Probably the value of art and culture is invisible, but it has intangible value for us and society. My ambition in this project is to represent the value in a conspicuous way and make people realise the importance of art and culture. 

In this Project, I use food shapes packagings instead of normal packaging bags for gallery shops. This design would bring a positive impact on people’s attitude to art and culture. The art and culture are the essential needs of the individual’s soul, they are not for the specific audience but everyone. We will receive nutrition not only from educational approaches but also from galleries, museums, and books.

个人项目 - 艺廊博物馆美术商店 - 包装设计 - 2016

在现代社会,其他商品有很多的奢侈包装 - 香水,化妆品,酒类和其他奢侈品,但艺术和文化商品的包装却不受重视。 也许艺术和文化的价值是肉眼难以看见,但它对我们和社会都有无形的益处。 我在这个项目中的目标是以视觉化来呈现艺术文化的这种价值,让人们认识到艺术和文化的重要性。我使用食品包装盒代替画廊商店的普通包装袋,这种设计将对人们对艺术和文化的态度产生积极影响。 艺术和文化是个人灵魂的基本需求,不仅仅对于特定的观众,而是对于每个人。 我们不仅能从美学教育中获得艺术养分,画廊,博物馆和书籍中也能汲取营养。

The end of year show 2016, Sheffield Institute of Arts

“When we talk about the value of arts and culture, we should always start with the intrinsic –how arts and culture illuminate our inner lives and enrich our emotional world. This is what we cherish. ”
Arts Council England, 2014

“当我们谈论艺术和文化的价值时,我们应该始终从内在开始 - 关于艺术和文化如何照亮我们的内心生活,丰富我们的情感世界。这是我们所珍爱的。”



I designed this series of bags more than a container for the commodities, also portable pieces of art, a promotion of galleries and art culture. The holes of letters on the packagings are also a moving medium to advertise the art merchandise inside. The packagings could be designed in different themes. I hope the design will make people realise that art and culture is an indispensable part of our lives.

这系列的包装袋不仅仅是商品的容器,也是便携式的艺术品,用来更好的宣传推广画廊和艺术文化。 包装上的镂空字母作为移动媒介用来宣传内部的艺术商品。 包装也可以设计成不同的主题。我希望这份设计能让人们意识到艺术和文化是我们生活中不可或缺的一部分。

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