Illustration of Monsters - Graduation Exhibition AUB - 2015
妖怪插图 - AUB毕业作品 - 2015


There are numerous monsters from different countries' myth. These stories offer imaginary space to people and make them curious about the exotic culture. I illustrated some monsters from Chinese myth. People could find the original stories to comprehend these fantastic cultures. All illustrations are made of charcoal pencils and in 297 x 420 mm size (unframed). 


来自不同国家的神话中有许多怪物。 这些故事为人们提供了想象空间,让他们对异国文化充满好奇。 我在毕业创作中画了一些来自山海经等著作的中国神话动物,人们可以找到原始故事来理解这些奇妙的文化。 所有黑白插图均由炭笔制成,尺寸为297 x 420毫米(未装裱)

Graduation Show 2015, Arts University Bournemouth

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