Modip Project - Poster design - AUB - 2015


In this cooperate project, I choose Jack Fluoro Lamp designed by Tom Dixon as my challenge. This lamp can be stacked with others, just like the lego brick, people can freely assemble them. I repeat arrange three colour of these lamps as a background of the poster. The slogan ‘BUILD YOUR LIFE WITH JACK FLUORO’ is inspired by the flexibility of the lamp. People can use them as a seat, coffee table or a normal floor lamp. It seems like people's life full of infinite possibilities with Jack Fluoro. This is the essence and character of the product what I want to express.

Modip Project - 海报设计 - 伯恩茅斯艺术学院 - 2015

在这个合作项目中,我选择由Tom Dixon设计的Jack Fluoro Lamp作为挑战。 这个灯可以和其他灯一起堆叠,就像乐高积木一样,人们可以自由组装它们。 我将三种颜色的灯重复排列作为海报的背景,明快的色彩吸引人们注意。 口号 “JACK FLUORO创造你的生活”灵感来自于灯的灵活性特点 ——人们可以将它用作座椅,咖啡桌或普通落地灯。 Jack Fluoro使人们的生活充满无限可能,这是我想要为产品表达和宣传的特征和卖点。

Jack Fluoro Lamps

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