"View" - Product Design - Meditation tea coaster / Card holder - 2018 
“View” - 产品设计 - 冥想茶垫 /  卡片座 - 2018


The first range of product -- Pause “view” uses simple and natural shapes to make a scene of peace and Zen atmosphere. The windows of the card are used as frames to see the familiar world differently, in a ZEN way.  It combines complex tea philosophy, Taoism, and Buddhist meditation into a simple product. This product suggests that people only need a cup of tea time every day, to read a small story, with a different perspective to see the familiar environment, reflect on life and relax their brain. We also have the same theme product which is a great gift idea for office workers or the cardholder for tearoom/coffee shop put the loyalty cards on. It could be customised for different business. Buy online in our shop or contact us for customised products.

我的第一个产品系列 - “view” 使用简单自然的形状来营造和平与禅宗氛围的场景。 卡片的窗口同时作为一个小小的窗框,用一种禅意的方式去看待周围熟悉的世界。 该产品将复杂的茶的哲学,道教和佛教冥想融合成一个简单的产品。 这个产品建议人们每天只需要一杯茶时间,阅读一个小故事,用不同的视角来看待熟悉的环境,反思生活从而放松自己的大脑。 我们也有相同主题的办公产品,适合赠予上班族的小礼品,或是茶室/咖啡店的会员卡和积分卡座。 该产品可以针对不同的业务进行定制。 在我们的商店在线购买联系我们询问定制产品。



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